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TORKRET specialises in the demanding repair and renovation of buildings (Copyright:TORKRET GmbH)
TORKRET specialises in the demanding repair and renovation of buildings (Copyright:TORKRET GmbH)

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TORKRET: 100 years of concentrated know-how in structural maintenance

  • company was founded in 1920
  • Reconstruction, refurbishment, preservation and maintenance of buildings of all kinds
  • Pioneering spirit has defined company from the very beginning

The year 2020 is a very special year for TORKRET – even if the renowned Essen-based company had to postpone its planned celebrations. Established in 1920, TORKRET can look back with pride on 100 years of tradition and history. In all this time, the company has realised countless projects and pushed forward technical innovations in the field of structural maintenance.

TORKRET specialises in the demanding repair and renovation of buildings and civil engineering structures. This includes the preservation of heritage-listed buildings regardless of whether they were built of concrete or masonry. TORKRET today maintains five locations in Germany. Its 150 employees are deployed throughout the home market and in neighbouring countries. Since 2012 TORKRET has been part of Stuttgart-based Ed. Züblin AG, organised within the Structural Maintenance subdivision.

“The pioneering spirit of our company founder Carl Weber continues to shape TORKRET to this day. In its eventful history, the company has always focused on refining established processes and exploring completely new possibilities. And we will continue this tradition in the future,” says Willi Eiden, managing director of TORKRET.

100 years of innovative spirit and ambitious projects

TORKRET was founded by the engineer Carl Weber as Deutsche Torkret Baugesellschaft mbH in Berlin in 1920. Among other things, Weber developed and was granted a German patent for his own mortar and concrete spraying machine. He later perfected his shotcrete process to the point where it was ready for practical application, marking the birth of what he called “torcreting”, a procedure in which a mixture of aggregates, cement and water is applied to the substrate with the appropriate amount of compressed air. To this day, this is the most economical and sustainable solution for concrete maintenance over large areas.

TORKRET machines were first used in 1922 to repair the heavily damaged reinforced concrete structure of the five-storey Sarotti chocolate factory in Berlin. Two years later, the company repaired its first bridge – a structure in Berlin made of reinforced concrete – using shotcrete. This was followed by projects ranging from tunnelling, reinforcing rock slopes and shoring up excavation pits to the construction of intricately shaped components and sculptures. Starting in 1959, TORKRET began waterproofing tunnels, shafts and underground structures using fibre-reinforced sprayed concrete; natural stone masonry is deep-grouted using the TORKRET aero spraying method.

In 2004 TORKRET began experimenting with relief surfaces using the shotcrete method and in 2009 received the patent for its so-called TORKRET Relief® and the corresponding subcategories TORKRET Art and TORKRET Stone®. These processes are used to design optically and architecturally sophisticated surfaces. Profiled shotcrete has always been used as exposed concrete. TORKRET Relief® makes it possible to produce mechanically resilient surfaces with an artistic, three-dimensional look in a variety of colours.

TORKRET is also a pioneer in the use of textile-reinforced concrete. In 2006, the company carried out the world’s first extensive renovations using textile-reinforced fine concrete on a flat supporting structure. 2016 marked the first time that reinforced concrete columns were reinforced with textile-reinforced concrete. Textile-reinforced concrete combines the advantages of shotcrete (productivity, bonding strength, flexibility) with lightweight reinforcement that is not susceptible to corrosion.

TORKRET’s projects have always been varied and diverse. The restoration of the Mariendom pilgrimage church in Neviges, North Rhine-Westphalia, which TORKRET has been carrying out since July 2018, is a good example of the innovative and inquisitive spirit of the TORKRET team. 

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