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TORKRET, repair works, Hercules statue, Kassel

Image   •   Aug 24, 2020 12:22 CEST

A better “footing” for Hercules (1934 and 2007) The Hercules statue in Kassel has been standing on shaky legs ever since its completion in 1717. This is due to the unfavourable ground conditions at the site as well as the tuff that was used for the monument’s construction – the engineers at the time had completely overestimated the compressive strength and frost resistance of this type of rock. TORKRET carried out the first repair works in 1934, replacing individual stones and filling the resulting cavities with a total of 2,000 m³ of mortar. In 2007 the TORKRET team was back to reinforce the monument walls, among other things, using approx. 250 m of tension anchors and more than 500 needle anchors.
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