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Ed. ZÜBLIN AG: Company Profile (brochure)

Ed. ZÜBLIN AG: Company Profile (brochure)

Documents   •   Jun 09, 2017 12:48 CEST

For nearly 120 years, Ed. Züblin AG has been successfully realising challenging construction projects in Germany and abroad and, with an annual construction output of about € 3.4 billion, is number one in building construction and civil engineering in Germany. Learn more about ZÜBLIN.

ZÜBLIN teamconcept

ZÜBLIN teamconcept

Documents   •   Jul 04, 2017 14:48 CEST

Successful and efficient construction – on a consistent and reliable level? We believe there’s one simple answer, which applies to every phase of a project. teamconcept makes success a common factor. It standardises the conditions for successful cooperation – without hidden agendas. teamconcept paves the way for fair and genuine cooperation.

ZÜBLIN Ground Engineering: The Basic Report

ZÜBLIN Ground Engineering: The Basic Report

Documents   •   Jul 21, 2017 09:51 CEST

From design to turnkey construction – ZÜBLIN Ground Engineering is the internationally operating provider of construction services for geotechnically demanding projects.

Züblin Umwelttechnik GmbH: Construction Water Cleanup (brochure)

Learn more about Plant Technology for construction sites such as Ventilation facilities, ion exchangers, nitrite removal, gravel filters and inclined clarifiers.

Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH - Chimney Construction (brochure)

Highest Engineering Professionalism: The special demands put on chimney structures are extremely high: the external exposure to wind, movement, environmental attack, heat and cold are accentuated by the internal chemical and physical loads from the exposure to the flue gas.

Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH - Safety through Quality (brochure)

Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH (ZÜBLIN CR), is one of the leading companies in the fields of chimney construction, refractory construction and technical insulation. We offer customers services from a single source, starting with consulting and planning, through to delivery and ready-to-use installations, including also maintenance and final documentation.

ZÜBLIN Timber: Timber Construction Competence (english)
ZÜBLIN Timber: LENO® Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
Technical Insulation (brochure)

Technical Insulation (brochure)

Documents   •   Jun 09, 2017 12:33 CEST

With many years of experience within its own Technical Insulation Division, Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH (ZÜBLIN CR) is the specialist for exterior insulation for boilers, tanks and pipelines as well as for insulation work on flue gas scrubbing systems, filters and rotating kilns.

ZÜBLIN Stahlbau GmbH: Steel construction is our passion

A 100 % subsidiary of Ed. Züblin AG since 1992, Züblin Stahlbau GmbH is an international construction service provider that specialises in carrying out challenging steel and façade construction projects.

Mobil Baustoffe GmbH: On Site Concrete

Mobil Baustoffe GmbH: On Site Concrete

Documents   •   Jun 17, 2019 14:27 CEST

STRABAG BMTI: bridge building, hydraulik, welding / Cantilever method